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It is difficult to watch in the news environmental tragedies unfold causing more deaths and damage. Whether it is annual river flooding in the Midwest, catastrophic fires in California, increasing twister destruction along "Tornado Alley", the bi-monthly tidal flood surges along the coasts, multiple billion-dollar hurricane damage, spreading and unending droughts. It seems the apocalypse is upon us and we are helpless to our fate. In your gut, you know trouble is coming your way too. What do I do? Where do I start? How do I protect my family?

You could spend weeks, even months shifting through the Internet searching for answers, contacting others with questions of uncertainty. Or you can go directly to a single source who has already done the work for you. Whole Earth Tools has gathered the vital tools and information you’ll need to prepare for the inevitable future of continued climate crisis damage. First, look to see on their crisis map where your home or business is threatened so you can begin to make your plan. Create a plan by choosing products and services you'll need from the recommended Whole Earth Tools pages and learn more from the product Websites.

Insurance companies continue to ensure people and businesses who repeat the same mistakes over and over. It is disappointing to see people rebuild the same home after a devastating tornado or hurricane that is as vulnerable as the one that was just destroyed. Deltec Homes in Asheville, NC since 1968 has designed and built hurricane-resistant homes that survive the high winds, storm seawater surges, and the flying missile debris. These unique yet common sense homes channel the wind and water around and away from it because of its round shape and high stilted position. Every home along the East and Gulf Coasts should be built with these designs or we can expect more damage, higher insurance claims and repeat the same mistakes expecting different results which is insanity. 

Tornadoes can form and strike quickly with very little warning causing death and destruction. However, we know the general area where these twisters will form every year. Yet people never prepare themselves or their homes for this expected and unwanted force of nature. Sometimes called Earth Homes, these structures use earthen berms covering the home with a protective top soil of grass. With the windows and entrance facing Southwest, the home gets direct sunlight all year long while skylights provide even more light for the inside rooms. Best of all, your electricity bill is dramatically reduced because heating and cooling remain almost constant because the earthen berm provides an insulation from all season temperatures. High winds, tornadoes and storms simply pass over the structure because there is nothing exposed. The cost is also less than building a traditional home that is target for the next expected storm. It’s your choice to be smart and rebuild a 21st home solution or risk your family and home to an almost certain deadly fate.

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